Ariana Grande - Best Mistake Acoustic Chords


Am, E7, C, F, E

[Verse 1]

            Am                  E7
How soon do we forget, how we felt?
Dealing with emotions, that never left
                   F                                E
Playing with the hand that we were dealt, in this game...

                Am                     E7
Maybe I'm the sinner, and you're the saint
Gotta stop pretending, what we ain't
Why we pointing fingers, anyway?
When we're the same


Break up

Make up
 E7            C
Total waste of time
Can we please make up our minds
And stop acting like we're blind


                     Am               E7
'Cause if the water dries up and the moon stops shining
Stars fall, and the world goes blind, boy
 F                                    E
You know, I'll be savin' my love for you, for you
        Am         E7          C
'Cause you're the best mistake I've ever made
        F        E
But we hold on, hold on
           Am     E7           C
There's no pot of gold at the rainbows we chase
        F        E
But we hold on, hold on